D.Cipher Launches Crowdfunding Campaign with ioby!


Detroit’s Nonprofit for Musicians, D.Cipher, Launches Crowdfund to Help Cultivate the City’s Music Scene 

D.Cipher has partnered with IOBY Detroit to help achieve the goals of their crowdfund and as a trusted support system through the journey.

Detroit, Mich. (Oct. 8, 2018) --- Securing jobs for everyday people is not a concern only for the blue collar and corporate individuals. Local musicians and artists share that same burden. Frustrations of that burden started D.Cipher back in 2015 and later prompted its founders to launch a crowdfund today, Monday Oct.8th  in support of Michigan’s music scene. In partnership with In Our Backyard (IOBY) Detroit, the crowdfund is slated to end (Nov. 5 or Oct. 31; site says Oct.) Donations can be made by visiting website: https://www.dcipher.org/

Detroit based musicians, Wayne Ramocan, Dominique Campbell, and Allandra Bulger birthed D.Cipher out of pure need that they and fellow musicians were facing. Lack of infrastructure and resources such as rehearsal spaces and recording studios, lack of paid performance opportunities and the divisiveness within the Detroit music community sparked the initiative to do something other than complain. 

“As Detroit is rapidly growing and changing, it’s vital that musicians bolster ourselves to grow with the city too,” co-founder Allandra Bulger explained. Co-founders, Wayne Ramocan and Dominique Campbell added, “Detroit is experiencing major redevelopment and we must understand the opportunities that are arising in the city to fully take advantage of them and we’re confident that this crowdfund will help develop the music economy here in Detroit and throughout Michigan. We want local talent to know that you don’t have to leave to get successful in the music industry.”

The goal is to reach a total of $8,275 and the money will fund the following for D.Cipher:

  • Host Masterclasses for Musicians - Masterclasses are in-studio sessions with established Detroit musicians; an intergenerational learning experience for emerging Detroit artists. These intimate conversations with established artist serve as career and cultural training for the young artist. Topics include a deep look into their process, lived experiences, and how to grow as an artist from this city.

  • Host Jam Sessions - Our jam sessions are recorded with a small live audience, giving listeners an opportunity to be inside of the music, and connecting musicians to their supporters in a unique way.

  • Host Summer Concert Series - Our summer concert series activate public spaces with something you can feel - a diverse lineup of live music, while providing paid performance opportunities for local, independent musicians.

Donors and supporters are encouraged to follow the hashtag, #MIMusicMatters on all D.Cipher’s social media platforms, @WeAreDCipher for updates. To learn more about the organization, the crowdfund, and donor prizes, please visit https://www.dcipher.org/ For all media inquiries, please contact Q. Schae Pleasant via email at qpleasant@gmail.com or by phone at 810.230.4457. 


About D.Cipher: D.Cipher is a music mastermind collective for Detroit’s community of musicians dedicated to connecting musicians to resources and information needed to develop and advance in their career, while advancing the music economy through shared learning, collaboration, and partnerships.

About IOBY: IOBY mobilizes neighbors who have good ideas to become powerful citizen leaders who plan, fund, and make positive change in their own neighborhoods. We are creating a future in which our neighborhoods are shaped by the powerful good ideas of our own neighbors. 



Dominique Campbell