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In hip-hop, the term “cipher" is used to describe a group of artists who informally gather together in a circle to exchange energy through beatboxing, freestyle rapping, and breakdancing. To decipher is to succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something).

D.Cipher is a music mastermind collective dedicated to advancing the Michigan music economy through shared learning, collaboration, and partnerships.

Founded by musicians and artists for musicians and artists, D.Cipher serves as an amplifier within the music community. We:

  • celebrate and highlight the talent that is here

  • connect artists and musicians to one another,

  • connect artists and musicians to resources and information needed to develop and advance in their career


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we are dedicated to uplifting the music community. through our gatherings which we call ciphers, we connect musicians to resources & information to develop their careers, and connect people to music through diverse live music performances.



Masterclasses are in-studio sessions with established Detroit musicians; an intergenerational learning experience for emerging Detroit artists. These intimate conversations with established artist serves as career and cultural training for the young artist. Topics include a deep look into their process, lived experiences, and how to grow as an artist from this city.


D.Cipher Live

Our placekeeping initiative where we activate cultural dead zones with something you can feel - a diverse lineup of live music, while providing paid performance opportunities for musicians. This can be currently seen through our Live Music Series on the Dequindre Cut.


Listening Sessions

Through our Listening Sessions we explore collective voice, providing artists opportunities to sharpen their skills, obtain valuable feedback from their peers, think more critically about their work, and foster potential collaborations.


LIVE Cipher

Our LIVE Ciphers are jam sessions/ciphers and intimate live performances with a small live audience, giving listeners an opportunity to be inside of the music, and connecting musicians to their supporters in a unique and exciting way.


Artist Workshops

Through collaboration with various partners, we host and sponsor panel discussions and workshops where artists and musicians learn practical action steps to developing and advancing their careers.

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Stay in the Cipher

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