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relentless commitment to the music community.


D.Cipher was birthed 3 years ago after Detroit based artists Insite the Riot, Junni, and Nique Love Rhodes had a conversation with one another about the occasional frustrations of being a musician in a disperate music environment - full of divisiveness, lack of resources and infrastructure such as rehearsal space, etc. After having many gatherings since 2014 we decided to collectively band together to do something about it. As hiphop artists, instead of calling them gatherings, we called them Ciphers. Our work has been grassroots, steadfast and grounded in the spirit of collaboration.



why d.cipher?

what we want to accomplish

Michigan is a state rich in musical history, with artists contributing their talents and skills to shape multiple genres and the music industry at large, both nationally and abroad. In recent history, many Michigan based artists have been required to move to other cities to create sustainable careers for themselves in the creative sector. While Michigan based music artists should have the opportunity to share their music locally, nationally and globally, moving away from the state should not be a necessity for artistic development and success.  As Detroit and Michigan are rapidly growing and changing, it is vital that musicians bolster ourselves to grow with the city and state. Detroit is experiencing major redevelopment and music artists must understand the opportunities that are arising in the city to fully take advantage of them.

Through our work alongside the music community, we look forward to the following:

  1. Building a more inclusive and united music community within Michigan.

  2. Provide valuable resources and opportunities for artists to grow their careers.

  3. Strengthening the Michigan and Detroit music scene.

  4. Being a one stop hub for all things Michigan music.

  5. Working with the music community and government to establishing a Detroit music district i.e. rehearsal spaces, live venues, music gear stores, record shops, etc.

  6. Advocating for music-friendly and musician-friendly policies at a municipal and state level.